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21 Jul

Who wins the yellow-blue jersey on Twitter? Six most remarkable climbers of #tdf.

Without publicity there wouldn’t be professional cycling and therefore every top cyclist has his own twitter account. During the most important cycling race of the year they inform their fan base about their whereabouts and share inside pictures that you would never see on any television network.

The graph of followers in time, found on PeerReach profile pages, is a good indication of how well they are performing. Please find the Top 6 for the yellow-blue twitter jersey below!

Name Twitter Account Follower Increase Percentage
1. Chris Froome @chrisfroome 70.910 44%
2. Alberto Contador @albertocontador 33.600 5%
3. Bauke Mollema @BaukeMollema 20.000 200%
4.Joaquim Rodríguez @PuritoRodriguez 7.200 12%
5. Abdrey Amador @Andrey_Amador 5.000 21%
6. Rigoberto Uran @UranRigoberto 3.500 7%

Chris Froome  @chrisfroome

Contador @albertocontador

Bauke Mollema @BaukeMollema   Joaquim Rodríguez @PuritoRodriguezAndrey Amador @Andrey_Amador

Luke Rowe @LukeRowe1990


Written by Manfred