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05 Feb

More active twitter users after IPO, but they tweet less.

We’ve updated some of the numbers from our big Twitter research from last November to give you some insight on Twitter’s first quarter as a public company. Twitter’s official number will be published later today.

The first metric we’ve looked at was the number of Monthly and Daily active Twitter users. The number of accounts tweeting at least once a month (MAtU) has grown from 117 million in October 2013 to 122 million in January 2014. The number of accounts that tweet on a daily base has actually fallen from 45 million to 41 million  over the same period.

About 40% of Twitter users actually don’t tweet but only read tweets, that’s why number published by Twitter are higher than ours.


Twitter is approaching the magic number of 1 billion registered accounts. In July they had 825M, in October 904M and now 923M. This looks like a strong flattening but it should be noted that Twitter is very actively removing spam accounts. Some months they remove more than others.

Languages on Twitter

We looked at the most important languages spoken on Twitter and found some interesting results.

English is the main language on Twitter, but the number of MAtU that have English as their main language is going down from 62M to 61M.

Spanish is growing from 16M to 18M and Japanese from 11M to 12M.

Portuguese, which Twitter users are mainly from Brazil, has declined from 4.5M to 4M.

Noteworthy is that Twitter usage is spiking in arab (mainly Saudi Arabia). Usage went up 25% to 5.6M.

Written by Manfred