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08 Aug

The Tweet-spendables

Also don’t forget to check out their full PeerReach profile:

Jackie Chan

Sylvester Stallone

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Terry Crews

Steven Seagal

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21 Jul

Who wins the yellow-blue jersey on Twitter? Six most remarkable climbers of #tdf.

Without publicity there wouldn’t be professional cycling and therefore every top cyclist has his own twitter account. During the most important cycling race of the year they inform their fan base about their whereabouts and share inside pictures that you would never see on any television network.

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17 Jul

1 Reason why Gonzalo Higuain’s Twitter Audience increased

Since April, rumors about a possible transfer of Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain have been spreading throughout the world of football. The popular Argentinian striker initially was linked to Juventus, but after the Italians aligned Carlos Tevez, Arsenal coach Arsène Wenger spoke openly about his interest in the player.

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10 Jul

Australia’s top fashion accounts on Twitter

As promised, the second in a series of short posts highlighting some of our PeerGroups. The second one is Down Under’s Fashion list. Below you’ll find the top 5, check out the full list here.

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08 Jul

UK’s top fashion accounts on Twitter

This is a first in a series of short posts highlighting some of our PeerGroups. The first one is UK’s Fashion list. Below you’ll find the top 5, check out the full list here.

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04 Jun

Extreme Twitter lists power

Twitter recently increased the number of lists you can create from 20 to 1,000; but creating useful lists by hand can be a time consuming job. That’s why we want to highlight another cool feature of PeerReach: adding our PeerGroup lists to your Twitter account so you can join the conversation with the peers from your interest area. Be it sports, science, fashion or one of our other lists.

Here is short tutorial on how to add one of our lists to twitter.

First find the list of your choice and make sure you’re signed in with PeerReach. You’ll see a “Create this list on Twitter” button on the right side. This will add the top 100 users to a new list within your Twitter account. This process can take up to a minute.

Here’s an example on our music list:

After the list is created you can use the “view list” button to see the list’s timeline or find the list on your Twitter profile or within your favourite Twitter client.

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15 May

PeerReach Chrome plugin for

We’ve just released a Chrome plugin that will add PeerReach ranks to your Twitter timeline. Get it from the Chrome Web Store while it’s hot!

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03 May

New PeerReach Website Kicked off by The Dutch King Willem-Alexander

The 2103 The Next Web conference was super-exciting for PeerReach!

First of all we were selected to be in the finals of the startup rally – at which we are able to present to a group of several hundred web geeks just exactly what we are currently working on at PeerReach and what’s on our current roadmap.

Below you’ll find the entire presentation which contains a detailed overview of our plans for the next few months.

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15 Apr

Twitter verifies 50,000 accounts and guess what… 13 followers will get you verified as well.

Since celebrities discovered Twitter, many fake and parody accounts were created. When baseball manager Tony La Russa threatened to sue Twitter over one of these fake accounts, they decided to verify some accounts with the well known tick mark. The first verifications in 2009 were only for celebrity accounts, but when Twitter discovered that the verified status was very wanted, they made the verification also available for their commercial partners.

As the infographic shows also many relatively small accounts are verified. Some of the smallest verified accounts we discovered are @Change4US (13 followers) and @ita_nishidaij (21 followers).

Produced in association with Starcom Amsterdam

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04 Feb

Most influential accounts affected by Twitter break-in (updated)

After the NY Times and Wall Street Journal got hacked, it’s now Twitter that announces it has possible been compromised. It’s not the least important accounts that have been affected: @barackobama, @nytimes (yes, them), @reuters, @cnn and @foxnews are just a few that have possibly been compromised and need to reset their passwords.

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